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Il benessere sotto il sole

It’s the heart of summer, so the ever-increasing desire to bathe in the sunshine grows into a pulsating necessity.

Wellness beneath the sun

It’s the heart of summer, so the ever-increasing desire to bathe in the sunshine grows into a pulsating necessity.

After all, it’s no secret that sunlight has myriad benefits. In addition to boosting bone calcium and the immune system, the sun's rays stimulate our good mood hormone to naturally relieve stress–not to mention the glowing effect a summer tan has on our skin. But how to prolong it?

First, a body scrub is a perfect ally for a beautiful tan. Preparing the skin with an exfoliating and moisturizing scrub well before sun exposure is wise. It’ll keep your skin soft, toned, and even, and you’ll see how much easier it is to tan after removing dead cells, which evens out the epidermis. 

However, sun, salt, and heat tend to dry out skin, so it’s crucial to properly hydrate according to your skin type to have the perfect foundation for a good scrub–a daily mantra to maintain firmness and restore the skin barrier’s balance. 

If you haven’t been in the sun yet, the Thalgo Hydra-fortifying facial, rich in active remineralizing ingredients, is the perfect treatment. It instantly rehydrates and visibly fortifies thirsty skin in a single session. It removes all the dead skin cells obstructing your tan, so we recommend coupling it with the pre-sun Beauty Facial cleansing package. 

If you're already on vacation, treat yourself to a relaxing pampering session during the last hours of the day!  Natura Bissè's Oxygen after-sun facial is ideal for restoring dull or asphyxiated skin. Your skin will need a dose of freshness, hydration, and radiance, which a fresh wave of oxygen generates immediately.

On the other hand, certain wellness gestures, such as exfoliating and moisturizing the skin, are also essential for prolonging your tan, so we recommend coupling the mask with a soothing Boost in the Beauty Facial after-sun package. The "Mediterranean essence" treatment combines the action of the salt powder scrub’s draining and smoothing properties with the vitamin C antioxidant to restore any sun damage, instantly renewing your skin!

Whatever your need, welcome the sun with the proper care, prevention, and sustaining treatments.

We look forward to seeing you at our Thalasso Spa!

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