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Capovaticano Resort - The Costa degli Dei Experience 21

Costa degli Dei


The Costa degli Dei Experience

A hike with a visit to the various panoramic views overlooking the sea (Michelino, Tropea promenade, "Petra di Molini" view, Torre Marino, Belvedere di Capo Vaticano, Torre Marrana).

The coast manifests its wild and penetrating beauty, with white beaches interspersed with jagged rocks overlooking the bays, and a turquoise and transparent sea, through which it is very easy to observe the sandy bottoms and the surprising biodiversity.

Varied and suggestive panoramas make the Costa degli Dei among the most fascinating destinations for those who travel in Calabria. Just consider, on the clearest days you can see the Aeolian Islands, the Strait of Messina and Etna on the horizon.

These places have a history that sinks roots in very distant times and is blended with extraordinary mythological stories. Definitely an unmissable stop

Possibility of sampling typical products (option with a reservation) with tasting in the vineyard.

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