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Capovaticano Resort - THE SUNSETS OF ULYSSES 20



Who has not felt a sense of inner peace and well-being when watching the sunset?

Cognitive neuroscience supports the idea that a sunset–or a similar beautiful sight–is good for the soul.
According to neuroaesthetics, it activates a series of brain circuits that are closely connected to pleasure
circuits. And this happens through various stimuli, both visual and involving the other senses.
Indeed, a digital image can also stimulate the brain, but the context of a natural sunset in a spectacular setting triggers an incomparable state of mind.

The originator of this well-being is awe, an emotion that can actually lower cortisol (the stress hormone) levels. If observing a beautiful landscape already allows the beholders to improve their mental state, doing
so when the sun sets and tinges the horizon with red and orange hues is even more impactful, allowing one
to experience even deeper emotions. Sunsets on the Costa degli Dei (Coast of the Gods) are among the world’s most evocative and become even more extraordinary at certain times of the year. From this corner of the Tyrrhenian, the unique spectacle of the Ulysses Sunset is visible twice a year from different viewing points.

On these special days, the sun appears to set into the crater of Stromboli, creating extraordinary,
disarmingly beautiful scenery. The protagonist of this unique moment is one of Italy's most famous volcanic
islands, Stromboli, which welcomes the enormous fireball in an embrace tinged with intense, warm red and
orange shades.
One can be lucky enough to watch the sun slip into the crater of Stromboli between the last days of April
and the first days of May and again between the end of August and the first fortnight of September.

Its name stems from legend. It’s said that after escaping the monsters of Scylla and Charybdis, Ulysses
sought advice from the prophetess Manto and headed for Vaticinium (present-day Capo Vaticano). Sailing
through the Strait, he was so astounded by the sight of the sun descending into Stromboli that he changed
course and sailed to the Aeolian Islands. These gorgeous islands appear on haze-free days, creating an
exceptionally dazzling spectacle for the eyes.

The phenomenon is fully viewable from the Capovaticano Resort Thalasso Spa–why are you waiting to
reserve a front-row seat?

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