The Way of the Mills

INCLUDES: Excursion Guide, transfer A / R, tasting of typical products

DESCRIPTION: A naturalistic itinerary but also of particular historical and cultural interest developed through places currently not populated but that testify to the presence of a farming community that lived and worked there. In fact, the route is full of water mills that once served for the processing of grain that was transported there on the back of mules through the old mule tracks.

The excursion begins with a visit to the Galluppi Castle of Caria proceeding downstream through a path that runs along the Ruffa Torrent (Fiumara Brattirò)”.

During the walk you have the opportunity to admire small waterfalls, fauna and flora including a rare species of tropical fern, the Woodwardia Radicans that makes the site a protected place of European interest.

The excursion ends with a tasting of typical products such as sujaca of Caria, the ‘nduia of Spilinga, the cheese of the Poro.

CHARACTERISTICS OF THE TOUR: Duration: about 6 hours