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Back to school

Доступно с 9 Сентябрь 2019 до 3 Ноябрь 2019

Treat yourself with a spa treatment for you and your little one before the back to school.

Spend some quality time together:  book our special packages and get free in September and October 2 beauty products for mother-daughter daily skin routine:

Happy Time

A chance to spend time together and connect. A relaxing pedicure with Mediterranean flowers, perfumes and salts, with the application of nail polish to finish. For children we use certified vegan, toxic-free polishes also suitable for pregnant women. 60 Min. a couple € 100

My Joy

Finally a moment just for us! A relaxing couples’ massage with organic honey and Calabrian bergamot body milk. 50 Min. a couple € 145

Sweet Hug

Share a wellness experience and create a special bond. Delicate organic apricot scrub for the body and hydration with tuberosa and honey milk. The ritual concludes with the deep cleansing and relaxing massage of the face and scalp. 90 Min. a couple € 160

N.B. Children between 6 and 16 may access the SPA only if accompanied
by their parents. The face, hand and foot treatments, as well as some
massages, are also available to children, but they are not permitted
to access high-temperature zones and thalassotherapy pools.

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