Music and Yoga – What A Powerful Combination

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Have you ever given any thought to how music, when combined with yoga, could be an effective cure for the discomfort and constant caution with which we’ve had to live for the last two years?

It’s easy to overlook how music naturally helps us relieve stress, producing benefits that also affect us at a biological level without the help of drugs. Incidentally, listening to music or singing releases so-called “happiness hormones” like endorphins and dopamine.

Several studies show that sound waves can have positive effects on blood pressure, breathing, heart rate, the electrical resistance of the skin, sweating, neuroendocrine response, concentration, and brain waves. Not bad, right?

Music therapy, as we know, produces an improvement in mood and concentration for patients and a reduction in pain, anxiety, fatigue, and even the stress hormone cortisol. And what happens when we combine the benefits of music with the practice of yoga? An exceptionally powerful union.

Yoga calms the vortex of thoughts, while music displays specific sound vibrations that can promote immersion in a state of meditation and relaxation.

The technique is called sound yoga and it employs mantras and music to calm the mind and awaken the spirit, reaching a state of deep well-being and inner calm.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to practice under the tutelage of an experienced professional who can guide us towards the harmonious awakening of the senses?

Well, we have some good news: experiencing this particular state of well-being is not a pipe dream–it’s much more accessible than you might think.

From 22 to 25 April we’re hosting an experiential retreat with Marianne Mirage at our resort. The multifaceted artist, songwriter, musician, and holistic arts teacher will lead participants through the practice of sound meditation, yoga, and “sound healing.”

An all-around artist with great sensitivity, nature is her life teacher. Freedom and tenacity are the characteristics she emits, and her guitar is her most faithful life partner. This retreat aims to tune the chakras so that the body learns how to move in total freedom.

Discover the “The shape of water” retreat program here  and take advantage of this unique experience!