Local Area

Situated opposite the Aeolian Islands, Capo Vaticano is a land of citrus fruits and Mediterranean fragrances, ancient history and legends.The area was known as far back as ancient Greek times because, according to mythology, a soothsayer called Manto lived in a cave on this promontory.

She was visited by fishermen and sailors and legend has it that even Ulysses, fleeing from Scylla and Charybdis, went to the prophetess to find out about the journey and the future that awaited him. The rocky spur under Capo Vaticano still goes by the name of Mantineo today, in honour of the oracle.

Word spread about the famous beauty and supernatural charm of these places in Roman times leading it to be rechristened Costa degli Dei, the coast of the Gods. The backdrop to these places is dominated by the imposing volcano of Stromboli: the most northerly of the Aeolian Islands can be reached from the coast in just an hour by boat.

Its shape – round with a central cavity – inspired the architecture of the hotel, which is distinctive for its large central spherical aperture which illuminates the hotel’s spacious lobby.