A journey your body will never forget...

The Thalassotherapy Center’s clean lines and minimalist design will help you clear your mind and enhance your general well-being. Bergamia offers a wide range of treatments to regenerate body and soul.

Discover the thalassotherapy and Bergamot treatments, a specific local citrus fruit, that owns countless proprieties, you will find the pleasure of spa together with the expertise of seawater treatments. The Thalassotherapy center’s offers three heated seawater pools and a variety of additional facilities, including a vast phlebology pool, a sauna, a Turkish bath, aromatic showers, whirlpools, massages rooms, Onyricon and Bergamot Rituals, algotherapy and a rest area.

Our attentive and professional team of Spa and Beauty Therapist, are always on hand to ensure that you fully enjoy your stay and leave feeling relaxed and revitalized.


Europe - Africa - Middle East - Caribbean - Asia Pacific

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